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"My experience with Mo was absolutely amazing. I

had never experienced Emotion Code before. It was a little bizarre and magical at the same time I felt a complete release of blocked energy. I would recommend her a 1000 times over! Thank you so much Mo for your empathy and thoughtfulness. I am eternally grateful."

- Caritza A

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Emotion Code therapy from Mo and my experience was very effectual. Mo was able to release many energetic blocks I was unconscious of prior to the session. It’s been a couple of months since my session and I continue to become conscious of and release energetic “knots” and successfully heal outdated and negative thoughts/beliefs which translates into a happier, more peaceful, and satisfying life experience. Thanks Mo!”

— Valerie P.

“Mo is amazing! I loved my work with her!”

— Alice S.

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